Articles for May 2015

Project Plan Completed

The designing and plan for the Service Learning project has been completed and will soon be submitted.  I am very excited about the result from the many hours of work and research for this project.  I have titled it “WIN/WIN with Wellness” for our emphasis on being a Leader In Me school and the fact that both the students and community will “WIN” as a result of this service.  Our students will “win” as they learn something to keep themselves safe and further their learning of core content throught the service aspect.  Likewise, the community will “win” with the takeaway message of being able to make safe choices regarding personal wellness.  This instructional model is rigorous, engaging for the students, includes various types of technology, requires collaboration inside and outside the classroom, and encourages higher level thinking across several subject areas.  It hits a message very important to me as a clinician of 13 years, teaching patients about prevention and good health practices.  This design is very relevant to the student population of my school and I hope that someday, it can be included as content that students at Southside, as well as students across our district, will encounter.  A complete look at the design can be found on the Additional Content/Products page of the Service Learning Tab. Thank you for your interest in this learning experience and I hope you can find something here that will prove useful.

Visual Bookmarking; Part 2

The visual bookmarking is complete.  Additions to the Symbaloo tool have been finalized and the service learning project has been bookmarked for all the resources (except for photographs) used in the design.  Additional tiles were added for the resources available to the students for all technology that will be used in the project, a presentation tool used for introducing the topic, and the additional web 2.0 tool (emaze).  For a complete listing of all APA citations used in the design of this service learning plan, you may find them on the additional content/products page under the Service Learning tab.

Emaze: Web 2.0 Presentation Tool

My course syllabus called for a project designed using a web 2.0 tool I had not previously used.  I happened upon “emaze” so I stopped and checked it out.  I had not heard of this website or product before.  There were a few templates preloaded with various themes.  I wanted to use something that allowed different types of media to be used all within the same product. Emaze certainly delivered.  I was able to “gut” a preloaded template and drop in content that I had been collecting for my topic.  I envisioned using this tool to be a summary, or celebration, of the service event I am designing.  My topic focuses on educating the students and community of our school on preventing head injuries to children by wearing safety helmets when riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards.  The event designed for my topic is a “Bike Safety Day” where students and their families visit our school campus to encounter a bike safety course and eager students who will teach them why they should wear helmets. After participants complete the course, they receive a certificate of completion.  If the child does not have a helmet, they receive and are fitted with a helmet donated by area businesses and/or organizations.  With emaze, I was able to produce a professional presentation product that included various embedded elements:  links to webpages, email, or other content, photographs, graphics, text, video, sound, and transitions between frames.  The only downfall to my product was that I really only had one frame to present, so the product wanted something to transition.  I decided to use the two other frames for including my cited resources for the product.  I really love the finished product and recommend it if you want something new and fresh.  You can view the completed product on the SLP web 2.0 page under the Service Learning tab or at:

Visual Bookmarking

I have started to create a visual bookmarking page that will document the sources I use to design the service learning plan.  I researched a few tools that would catalog the sources and decided to use Symbaloo.  This tool is super easy to use.  Each resource is stored as a tile.  The site allows the user to group tiles together according to whatever specifications the user desires.  You simply plug in the URL of the source and it creates a tile that links it to that specific source.  An image is overlaid on the tile and is the visual entity of the bookmark.  Symbaloo also allows you to customize the tile should an image not be available or pre-stored on the site.  This is done by modifying the graphics on the site or uploading one of your own.  I even have a tile that has the header picture of this website!!  This is a very neat little tool and one I think students would like when needing to document research sources.  Check it out on the visual bookmarking/links page of the Service Learning tab.