The designing and plan for the Service Learning project has been completed and will soon be submitted.  I am very excited about the result from the many hours of work and research for this project.  I have titled it “WIN/WIN with Wellness” for our emphasis on being a Leader In Me school and the fact that both the students and community will “WIN” as a result of this service.  Our students will “win” as they learn something to keep themselves safe and further their learning of core content throught the service aspect.  Likewise, the community will “win” with the takeaway message of being able to make safe choices regarding personal wellness.  This instructional model is rigorous, engaging for the students, includes various types of technology, requires collaboration inside and outside the classroom, and encourages higher level thinking across several subject areas.  It hits a message very important to me as a clinician of 13 years, teaching patients about prevention and good health practices.  This design is very relevant to the student population of my school and I hope that someday, it can be included as content that students at Southside, as well as students across our district, will encounter.  A complete look at the design can be found on the Additional Content/Products page of the Service Learning Tab. Thank you for your interest in this learning experience and I hope you can find something here that will prove useful.

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