I have started to create a visual bookmarking page that will document the sources I use to design the service learning plan.  I researched a few tools that would catalog the sources and decided to use Symbaloo.  This tool is super easy to use.  Each resource is stored as a tile.  The site allows the user to group tiles together according to whatever specifications the user desires.  You simply plug in the URL of the source and it creates a tile that links it to that specific source.  An image is overlaid on the tile and is the visual entity of the bookmark.  Symbaloo also allows you to customize the tile should an image not be available or pre-stored on the site.  This is done by modifying the graphics on the site or uploading one of your own.  I even have a tile that has the header picture of this website!!  This is a very neat little tool and one I think students would like when needing to document research sources.  Check it out on the visual bookmarking/links page of the Service Learning tab.

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