Playground Safety

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Has links to safety checklists for evaluating playground safety.
National Program for Playground Safety
checklist for playground safety

Safety Prevention For Seniors

National Institutes of Health
Balance disorders in senior citizens due to medicaitons

Service Learning

Chicago Public Schools
This website describes the different parts of service learning used in the Chicago Public Schools.
Colorado State University
This page of the CSU Writing Center offers an excellent definition of service learning and describes how SL is used in the university setting.
Center for Disease Control
This site gives information about TBI in senior citizens as well as some great resource materials for educating about preventing brain injuries in senior citizens.
San Diego Unified School District
This site has a document that serves as a teacher handbook for service learning planning in the elementary setting.

Youth Sports Injuries

Youth Sports Alliance
This pdf is an extensive resource discussing many different risks for children and preventable injuries.
National Institutes Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease
Great website for information about youth sports injuries and prevention.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Provides stats for youth sports injuries